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Cathy Dodge Smith
Ed. D., Director


Hello Cathy,

I thought I would let you know that six years later Keith has finished high school as an Ontario Scholar and also earned a business certificate. He has been accepted at Guelph University B. Com Real Estate co-op program for this fall. We are obviously proud of his achievements and even more proud of the wonderful young man he has become. I follow the Davis world and note the wonderful work you are doing with autism. Thank you for your time and talent when we needed it most.

Mother of Keith






What an amazing week this was for Maryann! She was always full of excitement after spending the day with you. She was so happy with what she had accomplished. She now has a real sense of being able to be successful with her learning. She is bursting with self-confidence. That speaks volumes. We want to thank you for everything that you have done for Maryann. You have given her so much…truly a GIFT!

Mother and father of 8-year-old Maryann after her  one week Davis Dyslexia Correction Program.


I have seen an amazing improvement in Vickie’s gymnastics ability after seeing her use the energy dial and sports orientation she learned with Mr. Des. She now has made the rhythmic gymnastics competitive team.

 Gymnastics coach of 7-year-old Vickie.


I am getting along with my teachers much better now that I am using my Davis tools and everything at home is really good as well.  Thank you Mr. Des for showing me everything.  If it wasn’t for you I would still hate school now I like going.

  Noah L., 14 years old, after Davis Dyslexia Correction and Davis Attention Mastery programs


Thanks for making such a difference for us in 2012 and setting us up for a great 2013…Ken has had a GREAT week at home!  He’s almost a different kid. Another positive thing to share! Ken realized this morning that he forgot to bring his homework to his dad’s on the weekend to get it done. He was upset for about 10 seconds, then went about using his morning TV-watching time to do his homework instead….on his own initiative! He HATES missing his TV time in the morning and we usually have to let homework go because it’s such a huge fight. It actually seems to traumatize him to be told to do homework… so this was HUGE.  Ken continues to do well in school (hallelujah!), and at home overall.  But we both still struggle with a lot of things and have had a couple of major ‘blips’.  Again, however, we recovered nicely from them, so no matter how difficult the ‘blips’ are, I remind myself that the smooth recoveries are enormous progress.  

 Mother of 10-year-old Ken after Ken completed the Davis Autism Approach Program


 I didn’t like the thought of her having to go through another year of university without help. Everything seemed to fall into place.   I am so grateful to Ron Davis and your mother and yourself. Cheryl is a fighter and determined to succeed.  She loved your enthusiasm and honesty and that made her feel comfortable from the start.  She also seems less clumsy than before (she sometimes referred to herself as clumsy) – is this because of the re-orientation or just my imagination? (It’s the orientation.)

Mother of Cheryl, 19-yr-old university student who completed a Davis Dyslexia Correction Program


In the last week I have noticed that I am learning more, I can focus easily, I remember what I am reading, I am balancing better, I can listen carefully, and my printing is neater.

Will Persons Parks, 8 years old, at the end of one-week program.

To whom it may concern:

It is my privilege to write this letter of thanks and praise for Desmond Smith who
coached our son, Will, through a week of learning with the Davis program. Will is eight years old and was a bit uncertain about this “school” until he met Des for a few minutes
prior to the beginning of their week together. He was instantly drawn to “Mr. Des” and
was excited to begin his week. He maintained his eagerness through the entire week of
“fun school,” as he came to call it.

Will has ADHD and some dyslexic tendencies as well. So, several of the Davis
program strategies have shown immediate benefits for Will. His tool bag items have
helped him slow down and focus on tasks more attentively. I have caught him several
times doing releases that we did not have to prompt. Talking about his “dial” gives him
an image to use to reflect on his own energy level and which level is best suited to the
task at hand. His “hands” are pretty active, so it’s good for him to have an image to think
about the direction of his mind’s focus.

Even after two weeks, there have been marked improvements in Will’s printing,
reading retention, and confidence. Picture at punctuation is simply awesome for Will. In
fact, Will was so proud of how well he has been reading that he has taken his clay and
dictionary to school each day since to show to his teachers in both French and English
(Will is in a French Immersion school). He even modeled a couple of words in clay for
them so they could see how it’s done! His teachers are very excited about Will’s
increased enthusiasm for learning. The most amazing part of Will’s transformation is his
firm belief that he has a gift that not everyone has. These tools and processes have turned
around Will’s self-image from failure to gift. That shift alone is worth a mint.

All of this is owed to Des. His kind, fun manner has been both inviting and
caring. Will views Des as both a teacher and a friend. Des made clear that he not only
cared about imparting the information contained in the Davis methods; he also cared
about the formation of a relationship with Will that can extend beyond this initial week.
He showed interest in what Will was interested in. He trusted Will to help guide the
process, the setting of goals, and the practice of these methods in our daily family life.
Des’ quiet, calm, and trusting demeanor has been the door through which our son has
been able to confidently embark on a new journey of learning and self-understanding.
We are thankful for “Mr. Des” and look forward to more learning opportunities with him
in the future.

With gratitude,                          

Rev. Stephen Persons Parkes

Father of 8-year-old Will Persons Parks two weeks after Will completed his Davis program.


I have been meaning to email you for quite a while. We are thrilled with the progress Colin has made. He is  is a confident and completely independent reader now. The difference is remarkable!

We are so proud of him. He has worked dilligently through all of his trigger words and is currently reading a 200+ page novel. I’ve also noticed how easily and quickly he can read road signs, subtitles, and messages on his video games. Thank you so very much, Cathy.

Mother of 8-year-old Colin five months after his dyslexia correction program



The Ron Davis Dyslexia and ADD program was truly a life changing experience for me. I came into the program with a lot of difficulty reading, writing, and organizing. After being taught the tools I need to help overcome this I started to use them in all sorts of different situations, and they have proved to help a lot. I now enjoy reading and writing, I do not notice my Dyslexic symptoms anymore, and I have become a lot more independent and organized because of it. I would recommend this program to anybody who had problems like I did, because I know with lots of motivation to succeed, these tools will help in life.

Stephan Decarie, 15 years old (one month after program)

The Davis Dyslexia/ADD program is a positive life changing program that is delivered and taught by highly intelligent, highly trained, and highly compassionate teachers who work with a child’s uniqueness one-on-one. The Davis program supplied my son with the tools necessary to function successfully not just in school but in all areas of his life. The Dyslexia portion of the program immediately improved his reading, writing, and comprehension skills and the ADD portion taught him how to focus and organize using tools that are geared to the way he thinks-finally, a program that recognizes and understands someone with these issues and works within those parameters. It was a beautiful thing to watch my son’s confidence soar after years of frustration (for both of us). To any mother looking for a positive, simple, gentle approach to helping their child, the Davis program is ideal and I highly recommend it to anyone without hesitation.

Natasha Decarie, Oakville, mother of Stephan


Just thought i would share our success story. After much persuasion, Joey’s school agreed to move him up to his grade level (5) in reading and he is doing just great! At our most recent parent-teacher interview we were shocked to hear that Joey is one of the best readers in the class, and uses every spare minute to read his book challenge novel. His teachers have commented that the Davis program really made a noticeable difference and was well worth the time and money.  Thanks for everything.

Mother of 10-year-old.

Hi Cathy,

I thought you might find this interesting.

I was talking to Shauna today and she said some friends in class ask to see her notes! We talked about how lucky she was to get your assistance before high school. Shauna said she would feel totally lost in Grade 9 if she hadn’t spent time with you. That’s your pat on the back for the week!

    Shauna’s mother, one year after Shauna completed the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program.  


It’s a really fun program. It really helps your reading get up to higher levels. When you’re doing the alphabet you have to picture them so you can remember the letters that were causing you trouble. If you can’t read, and you want to be able to read, this is the place to come.

Mitch (11 years old)



I can balance better, and I can focus on what I am doing more so I don’t daydream so much when I’m trying to work.

Sarah (9 years old)



Thank you so much, Cathy, for all the tools you have given us. Before, I felt so helpless, and Sarah was so frustrated. Now I know what to do, and I can see it working. I’m just thrilled!”

Sarah’s Mom



I’ve seen that I like reading more. I can understand words more. I’m not going, “duh, duh, duh”, or “Excuse me, what?” as much.

Abbie (11 years old)

I have two really bright, talented daughters! They have both been placed on IEP’s. I must say that a lot of effort has gone into helping them at school, but they were just falling farther and farther behind. Abbie was in Grade Six, and the school board was trying to convince me that she would learn to “cope”. Searching everywhere for something that could help, I found the Davis website, bought the book (The Gift of Dyslexia), and could finally see a glimmer of hope. When I picked Abbie up after the first day of her program, I could not hold back my tears when, for the first time in her life, she was able to read an entire page effortlessly. Her sister is completing the program this week. To see them struggle has been torture. To see them excel is a miracle. I am so grateful that I found this help in time. My children now stand a chance in this competitive world of ours.

Abbie’s Mom



Today he ran home at lunch with a 16/18 mark on his Friday morning spelling test! His teacher thanked me for bringing him to you. She says he is a different boy and has volunteered to read out loud in class a number of times. His confidence level has soared and he is a much happier and more affectionate child. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…I wish that all children who have this gift of dyslexia could benefit from working with you.

Matt’s Mom (Matt is 9 years old)



I can’t tell you how impressed I am with how well Katie is doing and how seriously she takes everything she learned from you. I have heard her say things like, “I can write so much more easily when I get myself in alignment”, and she got mad at me when I suggested she use her dial and said, “I have to use my dial in school all day long so I’m not going to do it here!” which was great because it meant she was actually using it!

Mother of 13-year—old two weeks after doing the Davis Dyslexia and ADD Correction Programs



He is reading everything is sight…road signs, menus, store signs, buy and sell books, newspapers…We are all thrilled! We think you are just amazing and this is really magical.

Mother of 13-year-old boy who came to the program as a virtual non-reader



We were so pleased with his progress in reading that we then enrolled him in the Davis Math Correction Program. Through the use of clay he could begin to understand the concepts of math. His math marks have improved substantially. As you know, we applied Symbol Mastery to music this year, and viola! He got it!

Sean’s Mom

Sean was 12 when he completed the Dyslexia Correction program, and 13 when he did the math program.



Matthew’s Story

In April, 2004, Joanna wrote to another parent:

Your daughter sounds very much like my son Matthew (who turns eleven today). He also excels in geometry and has had a challenge with reading. He endured an experimental Remedial Reading Programme in Grade 3 at his school. It did nothing for him whatsoever, except to frustrate and anger him, as it was a programme that literally disassembled the English language. The more repetitive the work, the more he fought it.

It was determined at the time that his verbal/vocabulary skills were in the top 3% of his age group and that he had exceptional skills in spatial organization. This particular trait and his ability to illustrate and visualize three-dimensional objects led me to investigate “The Gift of Dyslexia”. When I read it, I too was impressed by the simplicity of the approach because it made so much sense when applied to my child. I was fortunate to find Cathy when I did, as we were at the end of a very long road and could see very little, if any, improvement for all the work we had done.

Matthew is now at grade level with his reading and fast coming up to speed with his spelling. The many years of rote and repetitive work that he was subjected to was sheer torture for his inquisitive and intelligent spirit. He just became angry and erected a shell of bravado around himself. It all melted away after the first day with Cathy.

I am forever thankful that I never gave up searching for a solution because I cannot imagine how difficult life would be if we had continued on that old road. It does concern me greatly that this program is not taken more seriously by educators. I suppose that the anecdotal stories told by parents on the Davis web site seem almost unbelievable. I also had my reservations and doubts but they were quickly put aside after our own, incredible, and I do not exaggerate, life-changing experience. Thank you Cathy, for what you have given Matthew.

In March 2006 Joanna wrote:

Hi Cathy, 

I wanted to tell you about Matthew and how he is doing this year. We are all so pleased that Matthew is consistently getting marks in the high 90s in math and sciences (over 100% in some tests) and has no confusion and dyslexia that is detectable. His spelling has improved significantly and he works hard on his writing assignments without my help! He reads aloud normally without any difficulties and is entered in the science fair at U of T this month for Grade 7. He is soaring this year, and no longer has a requirement for an IEP. He told me quietly in early January that this has been the best year of his life, and that he actually enjoys school. He told me with pride that the kids actually call him “brainiac” at school and come to him for help with vocabulary.

He had been labelled “gifted LD” last year. This year his teacher told me he is just gifted, no more LD. He has come to the attention of the VP who has told me how pleased she is about his progress as she has come through a number of years supporting Matthew. I wanted to let you know, and to reach out to other parents who may be going through the very stressful and often scary experience of advocating for their child. Never give up.

The sun really shone the day we met you, Cathy. Thanks again for your help.

Joanna is the mother of Matthew who was nine years old and in Grade Four when he did the Davis Dyslexia Correction program.



It taught me how to do a lot more work in school. Now, I’m usually one of the first ones finished. Like recently I got 23/25 in my math test.

Cody, 11 years old, four years after doing the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program. (Cathy’s grandson) I am a very happy Granny!

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