Book Review: Autism and the Seeds of Change

Achieving Full Participation in Life with the Davis Autism Approach. Book by Abigail Marshall and Ronald D. Davis. Review by Cathy Dodge Smith, Ed. D. Abigail Marshall and Ron Davis have written a wonderful book that is a must-read for anyone looking for a fresh...

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Working with Autism clients is awesome work!

Working with Autism clients is awesome work!

Working with clients using Davis Autism Approach is the most awesome work I have ever done. It was like watching miracles unfold before my very eyes. During the first part of the program, individuation, I begin to see glimpses of the real person behind the autism mask...

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Matthew’s Success story

In April, 2004, Matthew’s mother, Joanna, wrote to another parent: “I am forever thankful that I never gave up searching for a solution.” Then, in March 2006, Joanna wrote: “The sun really shone the day we met you, Cathy. Thanks again for your help.”

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