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Beth Shier


Beth Shier has always been in a helping profession. As a Davis Autism Approach Facilitator, she found her true passion. As Director of NOIT Research, she is able to assist an even larger population of individuals with autism and help them to participate more fully in life.

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Cathy Dodge Smith, Ed. D.

Davis Facilitator 2001-2019 (Retired)

When I first encountered the work of Ronald D. Davis, I knew I had found the answer to one of my life’s big questions: How can we fix the problems of dyslexia and ADHD? Later, I had the opportunity to help in the creation of the Davis Autism Approach Program. Now, with my son at my side, I am privileged to help other families as the Davis programs helped ours. Life and work do not get better than that.

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Desmond Smith

Associate (Retired)
It’s my goal to guide our clients to break through barriers currently challenging them and help them unleash their true and wonderful potential. I will encourage others to believe that anything is possible and that their choices really are limitless. I know my clients will develop confidence in themselves through the Davis programs we provide.

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