Desmond Smith

Desmond Smith, B.A.

Associate (Retired)

Licensed Davis Dyslexia Program Facilitator

As a person who has dyslexia, ADHD, and autism, Desmond is well aware of the challenges that face his clients. After successfully undergoing Davis programs himself, Desmond has made incredible progress regarding his dyslexia, autism and ADHD. He is now the Director of Dyslexia, ADHD & Autism Alternatives – Belleville, working as a facilitator providing help for clients who are enduring the same symptoms he did before the programs. The benefits he enjoyed from the Davis programs impelled him to want to help others.

Desmond plays a vital role in the treatment for children with ADHD, dyslexia and autism through sharing his personal stories of being in their position for most of his life, and teaches in ways he and the children understand.

About his work, Desmond says, “I believe the gifts our clients share in the way they think and learn truly come to life as a result of the Davis programs. Now I understand why for many years, even though I excelled in several activities, I continued to struggle with academics and in social situations.”

Des graduated from Northwood University in Midland, Michigan, with a Bachelor of Business Arts with a minor in Social Science. He used his dyslexic “skills” and his ability to adapt to get through. After graduating he enjoyed a successful career in the retail automotive business working for Honda, Hyundai, and Kia as a Fixed Operations Manager. He earned a Certificate in Automotive Law and Ethics.

In 1996 he received the Region of Halton Lifesaving Award.

About his former career, Des says, “What I enjoyed most about my work in the automotive sector was mentoring young staff through their various training programs. Working with technicians coming through apprenticeship programs was the most rewarding for me. Young people I helped along the way knew they could count on my support to get what they needed to complete their training. Some needed to get approval for oral exams; others needed help to facilitate understanding between their apprentice supervisor and themselves. I helped the first female technician I encountered in 25 years to apprentice in two different dealerships to earn her technician license. I always found myself sticking up for the underdog. That role seemed natural for me. Whenever possible I worked with high-school students in co-op programs, and took part in work placement programs for adults needing a second chance. I often asked school guidance counsellors to send me students they found most difficult to place.”

If you are a parent searching for help for your child or an adult looking to help yourself, you need to know that the Davis programs can and do work miracles. I know they do; I’m living proof. It would be my pleasure to share with you my experiences and answer any questions you might have about the Davis programs.

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